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Our Features

Features first of his kind.

  • Authentication Options

    We Provide IP Authorization Or Username:Password Authentication On Our Proxies For Your Preference!

  • Dedicated Hardware

    Proxies are built with fully dedicated hardware. ISP & DC are built with 10GBPS Port Speed to maintain consistency. Residential have privatized pools dedicated to Pure’s or (our) users.

  • Premium Prices

    We offer the best prices in the market with our resources. There is no need to take a second look!

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Reliable Performance

*99.99% Uptime. Presenting The latest innovation in proxy technology. Our Proxies have a Global reach, without Sacrificing Performance. Reliability And Function.

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Quality Management

We Provide The Highest Quality Proxies On The Market, Period! Blazing Fast ISP/Datacenter Residential Proxies Undergo Rigorous Filtration To Provide Our Customers The Most Success.

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Instant Delivery

Automated System To Deliver Your Proxies To Your Dashboard. Login To Access!

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Discord Support

Our Staff Members Are Ready,Willing, And Able To Help With Any Complication That May Arise


Some of our Frequently Asked Question - Answered

How do I purchase proxies?

Please click Dashboard to create an account to log in before purchasing.

When do I receive my proxies?

Instantly! Please click the dashboard to see your purchase!

I still haven’t received my proxies in my account.

Please join our discord server. Our staff will help you retrieve your order!

Which proxies should I use?

All information is provided in their selected box.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no, due to the item being a digital product, we cannot provide any refunds. We’ve fulfilled your order by sending you an email with your receipt and access to our proxies.

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